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Intus Windows Aluminum Line

Intus ASS80FDSIWe’ve looked at the Upvc, Wood, and Aluminum clad Wood lines.  Now I’d like to turn our attention to theSchüco Aluminum frame line that Intus offers.  These windows and doors were designed with quality and energy efficiency in mind.

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Zehnder Installation and Commissioning Workshop 

Come learn about Zehnder products and installation, at the Heat Recovery Ventilation System Design (or) Installation Training. These free courses will provide participants with a background in Heat Recovery Ventilation (HRV) technology, and the skills needed to properly install the systems. Register for the workshop here:

Vancouver Canada

Installers Training 2/17/14

Lunch and Learn 2/17/14

Victoria Canada

Lunch and Learn 2/21/14

AIA CES Online Training

AEC Daily online CES Course

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The Small Planet Workshop is your link to knowledge and access of specialty products for the High Performance Building Envelope. We can help you select from some of the world's best air sealing tapes, membranes and speciality window installation / weather sealing materials. Our exam service offers you a check-up for potential mold and moisture in your proposed assemblies with WUFI Pro. We'll even build your super-insulated design in our foam free, pre-fabrication plant, and deliver it to your job site.

Cork boards are available from 1 to 12 inches thick.

New: ThermaCork, Expanded Cork Insulation - 100% Natural - 2013 Top 10 Winner from Building Green.

Now in stock at The Small Planet Workshop: Cork as ridgid insulation that can be used in place of EPS, XPS or Polyiso under the facade. Expanded Cork is R4 per inch, yet still permeable to let moisture "dry through". There are no adhesives, binders or resins in expanded cork. As it's expanded under steam-heat and pressure at the factories biomass plant, the resin within the cork bark (harvested from the cork oak tree) "sweats out" and agglomerates, or "binds itself to itself" into a sturdy cork board. See our Cork info page, or see Expanded Cork Board packs in the Insulation & Sheathing department of the store.  


School in Lisbon Portugal a couple days after a period of heavy rain. Photo: Eva Rooks

Expanded Cork Insulation as a Building Facade

In addition to standard grade boards for insulation, there is also Facade Grade Expanded Cork that can be used as the building facade. For more information on "cork as a facade", give us a call at (360) 866-8779 or toll-free at 855-FOR-SIGA. Click on the picture on the right for a larger view of a school in Lisbon with a cork facade "drying out" after a week of heavy rain.


The highest rated (90%+) fully ducted supper efficient HRV's and ERV's are here!  

The Small Planet Workshop is the stocking Zehnder Dealer for the US Pacific Northwest and Western Canada. If you'd like to talk about one of these highest rated systems for your project, please give us a call: We can help you.  System design is complimentary, includes a system layout and project quote -and starts at the link below. Just input your project data and a Zehnder design engineer will plan system flows and a layout. If it's a Passive House, then include the ventilation tab from your PHPP. Please allow 1 week for system design.

Request a layout and quote


JLC May 2013 article: Foam Free Airsealing by Terry Nordbye 

A download version is avalable here.

JLC Feb 2012 Article: Airsealing Tips and Tricks by Terry Nordbye

A doanload version is available here.


PHPP Manual

New 2013 v8 Passivhaus Planning Package is now on sale.

Get your copy NOW! 

The PHPP is the energy balancing software created by the Passivehaus Institut in Darmstadt Germany. The current version available is the 2013 v8 English language/metric. If you're upgrading from 2012 v7 or are a student follow the links: UPGRADE, or STUDENT. If you are new to the PHPP and would like a preview of how a project is entered into the PHPP, read the ABC's of the PHPP by Linda Whaley here



New Updated Instructional Videos

See the Small Planet Workshop YouTube Channel for a complete library of our Installation and Application Videos. The Library is broken into subjects: Window Installation, Interior Air Sealing, Exterior Air Sealing, etc.